Power Lockers are the only all-in-one system that meets all State and Federal laws in one box.  The new design now has a heavier duty front bracket and ready for use of any light utility equipment of less than 1200 lbs per Power Locker.

Hauling something other than your mower or sprayer? Mulch, fertilizer bags or hauling more than one mower in tandem? Pull one spring pin and the Power Lockers Come out of their mounting brackets in one second! The only permanent bracket mower in place.

All Power Lockers are also interchangeable! The front and rear mounting brackets width fits all Power Lockers from the smallest PL-200 to the PL-400 for your side by side. So all Power Lockers are interchangeable in the same mounts! Extra brackets are also available to use your Power Lockers on different trailers.  

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   *** Will not fit Z-Spray products with front castor suspension***   ****Because of weight limitations two PL-300 units are required per each Z-Spray to capture both front wheels.**** Will not work with Gravely zero turn due to the angle of the front castor forks****Will Not fit Exmark Sprayers****  


UPC  624215314336

 Fits 7" thru 11" size tires 5-1/8"wide.     For Walk Behinds, Bed Edgers and Push Blower.     Only one Power Locker is necessary per piece of equipment up to 1,200 lbs  weight limit per unit.


Zero turn mowers with 11" front wheel may require PL-300. Product will not work with front castors that include suspension links. Will not work with front mount mower decks or Walker mowers. 


Extra charges for shipping outside continental United States. 


UPC  624215314343

Fits tire diameters of 12" thru 16" with 7 1/8" width. This unit fits most all larger stand on mowers, zero turn units, sprayers, core aerators, etc. Only one Power Locker is required per unit. 1,200 lbs limit per unit.

Z-Spray units require 2 Power Lockers to secure both front wheels due to the excessive weight of the units when fully loaded with product.


  Will not work with Gravely products  or Exmark Sprayers only. Will not fit anything with front castor suspension.

  Extra charges for shipping outside continental United States.   


UPC  624215314350

Fits 16" to 20" size tires 11-1/8"wide.      For certain sprayers, small ATV's, golf cars, gators, utility vehicles, etc..  Only one Power Locker is necessary per piece of equipment up to 1,200 lbs weight limit per unit.. 


 Extra charges for shipping outside continental United States.

Will not substitute or fit zero turn mowers or sprayers. PL-300 is made for near all zero turns, large stander and all sprayers.    

ROPS Trimmer Rack

UPC  642415314428

ROPS Trimmer Racks keeps your string trimmer with you at all times. All in one design quickly mounts to your mower's ROPS with simple U-clamps. No holes to drill and no separate pieces to drill permanent holes and mount on the mower deck in different places. Quick Fist rubber clamp adds extra tight security to keep your equipment in place and a 5 inch extension (included) if you need extra clearance between your trimmer shaft and control levers. Includes all-in-one ROPS Trimmer Rack, two clamps, extension  and heavy duty twist wrap to protect your trimmer shaft. Made to fit Echo, Stihl and all major brand trimmer and edgers.


***Trimmer not included.***

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Coming Spring 2022


for ATV's and Side by Sides

  Power Locker PL-400 fits ATV's and Side by Sides with 20 - 27 inch diameter front wheel with a width of 11 1/8 inches. Designed to be mounted to any trailer (or flatbed) and fully adjustable. With the addition of two padlocks (not included) ATV's and Power Locker can be secured for peace of mind. A variety of equipment can be hauled securely in varying configurations on any trailer as all four Power Lockers fit the same mounting bracket placement. With movement of the Power Locker 14 inches (side to side) in the mounting brackets hauling various size equipment is never a concern. Instantly remove the Power Locker from mounting with the pull of one pin leaving only the shallow mounting brackets attached allowing for equipment to be driven over the shallow mounting brackets for tandem hauling. Easy in, easy out. Power Lockers are the only system that meets or exceeds all State and Federal laws for securing light utility vehicles for transporting on public roadways. Other sizes available. One Power Locker will secure up to 1200 lbs. when secured properly. Two units required for single vehicle weight over 1200 lbs. 

For more details:   info@PowerChuteDesign.com