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Installation Hints and Help

Remember, since only Power Chutes are exact-fit for your mower's make and model only two bolts are required for a complete installation of the chute itself. The foot controller only needs the wiring completed on the battery end since the motor end already comes complete with the required connector to plug directly into the Power Chute motor. The battery end will requires you to connect the inline fuse holder and two ring terminals to attach the your battery.

On occassion, an LCO will wire the Power Chute wiring into a wire that is only hot with the mower ignition on, but 99% go directly to the battery as Power Chutes draw zero power when not in use.
All foot controllers come with four mounting holes and four self taping screws, but only two are needed to hold the pedal down firmly. Make sure to mount the pedal where your foot doesn't normally rest so as to accidently operate the motor in excess.

If you mow in wet conditions, leave your equipment outdoors or wash your mower often you may find it advantageous to cover the Power Chute motor with plastic or cellophane. Though problems are 
rare keeping water from direct contact with the motor can extend it's life.

All Power Chutes come with color brand and paint number so you can touch up your Power Chute at any time.

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