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Here's What Our Customers Have to Say:

C.J.  in Michigan

Norm, I'm so glad I found you guys, spending hours a day on lawnsite has paid off I guess!   I recently placed an order for your powered ocdc for my new mower , a hustler super z with a 60" XR-7 deck . I got any possible option on this baby but the only thing missing was this powered chute! I can't wait till I get it ! I'll keep you informed on how it turns out!

W.L.   in Maryland

"I have used chute covers for years and an actual powerchute for about a month. I don't know how guys mow without one. There isn't one lawn where we don't use the chutes to keep clipping out of beds, pools, ponds, etc. Makes blowing drives much faster by creating additional velocity. If near a pet, car, kid, etc, you just close it and no worries. I use it as a selling tool on estimates, people seem to love the idea. I am so hooked that we will never own a mower without one again."

B.B. in Vermont

"Purchased and installed my new Power Chute....and I am impressed!  Cuts time off mowing and makes clean up 10 times easier.  Best money I have spent on a piece of equipment so far."

J.R. in Ohio

"The cycle time is real fast and smooth.  Helps out a lot!  I kind of wonder why they don't come from the factory."

TLS in Pennsylvania

"Great Product.  Well worth the investment.  Good unit.  Sure beats all those designs with control sticks that get in the way."

D.l. in Ohio

"Once you use one you'll wonder how you did without it!"

A.C. in Kentucky

"After we sold our first one and the other LCO's saw it every other customer wanted one.  Send me 11 more."

D.R. in Indiana

"Great to deal with and they do what they say.  Rock Solid."

R.E. in Illinois

"I received the (Power) chute for the Lazer last week and I really like it. 


B.W.  in Iowa

"Once you get used to the (Power) chute it's hard to work without one.  Can you send me two more for my other mowers?"

M.S.   in Indiana

"I'm having a problem since I got two of your Power Chutes. The employees are fighting to see who gets to use the two 997's that have them mounted to the mowers. They're saying that once they use them they don't want to work without a Power Chute. I want to order six more for the rest of the Z-Traks in our fleet."