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Q) I have heard that the chute sticks out about 1.5 inches 
      beyond the deck  when open. 

     A) Actually the Power Chute infringes only about 1/2 to 3/4 of
          an inch beyond the discharge lip whether open or closed on
          all models and brands.

Q) How far does the chute open up?

     A) Power Chutes travel a minimum of 180 degrees from fully
          closed to fully open (standing straight up above the 
          discharge opening for  clearance through narrow
          passageways). Power Chutes can also be stopped 
          anywhere along it's path to determine the discharge angle
          of clippings.

Q) Does the foot pedal hinder the opening of 
the cover  that
      allows access to the belts and mower deck?

     A) The placement of the foot pedals (or toggle switch) is up to
           the owner, but  we suggest placement away from access
           panels or where your foot normally rest while mowing so as
           not to engage power to the unit unneccesarily. Some 
           creative idea images can be seen on the Customer Image

Q) Does much, beyond air, come through the slots in the chute?

     A) Our four years of testing shows that (from time to time) the
          bottom one inch of each slot may become clogged with
          clippings, but the rest of each slot (above that first inch) will
          be clear for clean air flow. Grass clippings occassionally 
          collect in the bottom of the slots and also clears inself free
          during use.   

Q) I use a bagging system and wonder if it can be used with the
      Power Chute?

     A) The Power Chute may or may not work with your bagging
           system, but if not removal of just two bolts and your Power
           Chute comes off completely. 

Q) How does the Power Chute mount to the deck?

     A) All Power Chutes are secured to your mower deck with just
          two bolts in either existing holes in your mower or drilling of
          just two 3/8" holes.

Q) Does the chute plate operate in just the fully opened or closed
      position or can you open it 45, 90 or 180 degrees to adjust the
      spray of the clippings?

    A) Power Chutes have the ability to stop anywhere you wish
         along it's path. Fully open to fully closed takes a mere 6/10th
         of a second and taps on the foot pedal or toggle switch
         change the angle of the chute in about 20 degree