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Power Chute Design started as a home grown business with one chute fabricated to fill the need for an OCDC for my mower that I use in my commercial lawn care business in Iowa City, Iowa. This one chute has worked, without failure, for nine years now. Every oversized hole, over length shoulder bolt and sloppy linkage is designed for a reason. Through years of testing the amount of play in each and every part is on purpose! 

I make the only Powered, Exact-Fit (for each individual make and model mower we sell), Color Matched (mostly),  OCDC's made.  All in America.

This has grown from one chute into building a few for friends and now to this. I make and sell over 1,000 Power Chutes every year. All made, from beginning to end, by me. There are no employees. Every Power Chute was fabricated, welded, painted, assembled and shipped by me. I take great pride in my Company and it's design and devlopment. The company has grown into a full CNC fabrication operation for top quality and absolute tolerances of each chute produced. I fully back each chute produced and will stand behind any failure due to normal use.


Our new facility in Iowa City, Iowa