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Deck Plate w/ Motor Mount Complete

This piece includes the deck plate (that mounts to the mower deck), motor mount (that the motor bolts on to) and the hinges (to attach the piece to the chute itself) complete.  Comes color matched where applicable. For superior strength this assembly is made of hardened alloy. Only available in 6.4 inches between hinge mounts. 7.75 inch spread is no longer avalable.

SImply bolt the Chute to this piece, attach the motor / linkage and mount it to the top of your mower deck.

Mower Brand
  Our price $109.95 

Electrical Connector Kit for Motor

Packard connector connects into Power Chute motors. This is the correct plug for exact our motor. Replace broken connector or retro-fit older style individual spade connectors used prior to this piece. Includes pigtail with connector on one end and butt splices with heat shrink to connect to the bare wire on either foot pedal or toggle switch assemblies.

  Our price $12.95 

Foot Pedal Assembly

Caution... foot pedals rarely fail.  Problems occur  with the wires being pulled loose at the connector where it plugs into the motor. If the pedal does not work (with the mower off) operate the foot pedal and wiggle the wiring at the connector to see if it works on occasion. This can be repaired with our Electrical Connector Kit listed under Parts.

Includes one foot pedal assembly complete with all wiring, hardware and fittings.  Unit is water repellent and vibration resistant. Wiring comes with correct connector to plug directly into motor and battery terminals.

  Our price $86.90 

Foot Pedal Base
Foot pedal base plate only. Requires complete electrical removal from old base and moved to this bare unit. Does not include foot pedal cover. Limited supply.
  Our price $23.95 

Foot Pedal Outer Cover
Item is the outer cover of the foot pedal controller that pivots left to right. In limited supply.
  Our price $18.95 

Foot Pedal Pivot Bolts
Package contains two (2) pivot bolts used to hold the outer cover (that rocks back and forth) on the pedal base.
  Our price $9.95 

Linkage Assembly
Includes complete linkage from motor to chute. For superior strength these parts are made of hardened alloy. Shipped with all parts as shown.

Will also work on Masterchute products with similar linkage.

  Our price $129.95 

Motor - Replacement

New high torque motor fits all Power Chutes and most Masterchutes All steel casings. FREE SHIPPING !

  Our price $59.90 

Replacement Chute Only

Replacement chute for your Power Chute unit. Comes ready to bolt in place to your deck mount and motor assembly. Comes with 6.4 inch spread between hinge mounts only. 7.75 inch spread is no longer available.

Make/Model chute
  Our price $59.95 

Toggle Boot

Toggle boot is made from full synthetic materials to resist deterioration due to outdoor weather conditions. Sun, rain, heat, etc. Boot fits over any toggle switch and screws to toggle threaded base. Each order includes one toggle boot only.

  Our price $6.95 

Toggle Bracket

Bracket used to control Power Chute when mounted on walkbehind or stand-on mowers. Attaches to contol lever / grab rails used to control direction of the mower. Toggle not included.

  Our price $9.95 

Toggle Controller Assembly
Toggle Controller for use with all walk behind and stander mowers where the foot controller would not be useable. Comes complete with reversible toggle, heat resistant wiring loom and connectors, Packard connector. Everything needed  between the battery and Power Chute unit.

*** Item  TC-Bracket  available in this category built to hold Toggle Controller for $9.95. ***

  Our price $66.95 

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